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Nasal Endoscopy:-



Description and structures being viewed

The patient’s left nostril is being examined. The middle partition of the nose called the “septum” is on the left and the “inferior turbinate”, a rounded structure of the nose is on the right. This turbinate is the cause of nasal obstruction most of the time and can almost block the nose completely. The floor of the nose is seen at the bottom of the picture.



The telescope is further back in the nose, slightly above the inferior turbinate. The “middle turbinate” is seen in the distance as a large pink mass.



The telescope is withdrawn a little and a pass is made along the floor of the nose, right to the very back end of the nose until the “nasopharynx” is reached, which is a wide area at the back of the nose.(0:17-0:19)



Please note this was a quick nasal endoscopy for demonstration purposes only and a detailed look would also include having a look into the middle meatus which is a space on the outside of the middle turbinate and where almost all the nasal sinuses open.




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