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Our Philosophy:-

Our team endeavors to provide the best possible treatment for your ear, nose or throat disorders. We use the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment such as fibreoptic, xenon and HD technology to look into the small cavities of the nose throat and ears. We encourage our patients to observe their nasal cavities, throat and ears on the screen, so that they have a in-depth knowledge of their ailment and the proposed treatment.


Your First Visit to our Clinic.

We insist on developing a trusting relationship between the doctor and the patient. It is also important to us that this relationship is based on realistic expectations.


Your Doctor will ask you relevant questions about your symptoms and will then carry out a detailed examination of the ear, nose, throat and the head and neck areas. He might then want to carry out a diagnostic office endoscopy, which means that your ears, nose or throat will be prepared to be seen by the aid of a camera system. This examination is fairly straight forward and involves no uncomfortable procedures, injections or pain.


It is possible that your doctor will then request some relevant laboratory investigation like, a blood test, a CT or a MRI or an ultrasound examination.


Your follow up clinic visit

Your Doctor will assess the improvement in your condition since the last visit or otherwise and may recommend further investigations or surgery of some kind. Your Doctor may also chalk out a future plan of action which may include further revisits.


If surgery is advised, what should you expect?

The recommended surgery might be in the form of a “day surgery”, such as grommet insertion in the ears of children or straightening of a recently fractured nose. On the other hand, some surgeries require admission to the hospital for a day or longer.

Your Doctor will advise on this. Your Doctor is a qualified ENT surgeon and is the lead consultant ENT surgeon at:


  • The Doctors Hospital, Lahore- Main centre of surgery and Clinic


Your doctor has privileges to operate at the following places as well:


  • The National Defense Hospital, DHA.
  • The Hameed Latif Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan.


The Anesthetist is a qualified doctor who has a fellowship from the Royal College of anesthetists, UK or the fellowship from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan. He will have a detailed discussion with you regarding your anesthesia and the recovery period. You might be recommended an anti anxiety pill the night before as having a bout of anxiety is usual for anyone about to undergo surgery. Any questions that might crop up in your mind should be written down and your anesthetist will be happy to answer them. She/He will also be happy to talk to and council your nearest family.


Your doctor will meet you before the surgery to answer any questions you might have at the last minute.


Our aim before your surgery.

We make sure that you are comfortable before surgery and try to alleviate any fears or concerns that you might have regarding your procedure. Please make it a point to convey to our staff if you are concerned about the lighting in your room or your bed sheets are not upto the mark.



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