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Aitchison College, Lahore, Pakistan

Editor in chief of the ‘Aitchison Biological’, official magazine of the biology society of the school.



Medical College

Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan affiliated with the University of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Editor, ‘Shaheen’, the official journal of the Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan.



House Officer ship

Services Hospital, University Of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan affiliated with the University of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Editor, ‘Shaheen’, the official journal of the Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan.



ENT training

From the UK in various hospitals for 10 years

Rochdale Infirmary, Lancashire, UK.

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, University Hospital, Scotland, UK.

Western Infirmary, University Hospital ,Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Gartnaval General Hospital, University Hospital ,Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

Ninewells Hospital, Dundee University, Scotland, UK.

Queens Medical Centre, University Hospital, Nottingham, UK.

North Shields Hospital, UK.



Academic Qualifications:


From the Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan



From The A.I.M.C afficliated with The Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.



Fellowship in Otolaryngology from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK.



Fellowship of the American College Of Surgeons, USA.



Registration with Medical Councils:


(Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, Pakistan. Full Registration


(The General Medical Council, UK)
Full Registration.



Administrative Responsibilities At a Private Institute at the moment:

1. Member of the Academic Council.

2. Incharge of the Clinicopathalogical Conferences.

3. Incharge of the Literary Society.

4. Incharge of the Ethics Committee and the Institutional Ethics Review Board.

5. Editor In Chief of an official medical journal, SMJ.

6. Member Audit Committee.

7. Member mortality and morbidity committee.



Clinical Responsibilities

1. Head and Lead Consultant, Department of Otolaryngology.

2. Consultant and Associate, Doctors Hospital, Lahore,Pakistan.



Course, conferences attended or organised.

1. Basic Sciences Course, Edinburgh, UK.1988.


2. Applied Basic Sciences, Glasgow, UK.1990.


3. Emergencies in Medicine,Galsgow,UK 1991.


4. F.R.C.S course, Edinburgh, UK.1997.


5. Early Trauma and Critical care course, Edinburgh, UK.1997.

6. Practical Bronchoscopy and Oesophagoscopy with foreign body removal course, Dundee, UK.1997.


7. Basic FESS and Septoplasty course, Dundee, UK.1998.


8. Percutaneous Tracheostomy course, UK.1998.


9. Ionizing Radiation protection course, Dundee, UK.1998.


10. Glasgow FESS course, Glasgow, UK, 1998.


11. Glasgow Temporal Bone course, Glasgow.1998.


12. Dundee Middle Ear course, Dundee,UK 1998.


13. “Thai-British-Canada Rhinology” symposium held in Bangkok, Thailand from the 26TH till the 29TH of November 2001.It was conducted by the Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.


14. “Educational planning and evaluation” workshop conducted by the College Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan from the 24TH of April till the 26TH of April 2003.


15. “Research methodology, Biostatistics and Medical writing” workshop conducted by the College Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan from the 12TH to the 14TH of May 2003.


16. “Written Assessment Techniques” workshop conducted by the College Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan from the 15TH till the 17TH of May 2003.


17. “Performance Based Assessment” workshop conducted by the College Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan from the 23RD till the 25TH of June 2003.


18. 10th Asian Research Symposium on Rhinology, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2005.


19. Society of Surgeons of Pakistan, The First Scientific Symposium, 20TH of august 2005.


20. 3rd Voice Conference in Istanbul, Turkey from the 19TH to the 23RD of June 2006.


21. Planned, organized and Ran the First Basic FESS Workshop in Lahore, Pakistan on the 19TH of August, 2006.


i. Was one of the main speakers of the workshop with talks given on Endoscopic Equipment, Nasal Endoscopy and Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy

ii. This workshop was attended by a large number of present ENT Professors, Senior Consultants and Postgraduate Trainees.


22. 19TH National conference of the Pakistan Society of otolaryngology, 16-18TH November, 2006


23. Certificate in Drawing (Human Figures), the Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan, from May to July 2007.


24. Research Methodology, Biostatistics and manuscript writing workshop, from November 15TH to the 16TH, 2008.


25. Poster presentation at the 19TH annual meeting of the medical research society of Pakistan, at the University of Health Sciences, Lahore, October 31ST, 2009.


26. One year thesis based DIPLOMA IN FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, by the skills development council, government of Pakistan. 2008-2009.


27. One year thesis based DIPLOMA IN MEDICAL HERBS, by the skills development council, government of Pakistan. 2008-2009.


28. Educational Objectives, Teaching Methods and Student Assessment Techniques, organized by the department of medical education. From the 29TH of October 2009 till the 21ST of January 2010.


29. “Assessment of Competence’ workshop conducted by the College Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan from the 5TH till the 8TH of July, 2010.


30. “3RD Oman Head and Neck course with hands on cadaver dissection” from the 22ND to the 24TH of February, 2011. At Muscat, Oman.


31. Under the School Of Law, Edinburgh University, UK, ‘Law and medical ethics’ programme , the following modules have been completed.2012


Human Rights and Medical Practice

Research and Ethical Approval

Mental capacity and Mental Health.

Genetics, Reproduction and the Law.

Patient Confidentiality

Medical Negligence

Withholding & Withdrawing Care

Refusal of Medical Treatment

Consent to Medical treatment

Introduction to Law & Medical Ethics




Research Publications in Medical Journals.

1. Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy: A Pakistani Experience. Aslam S, Awan AH, Tayyab M. Pak Journal Of Ophthalmology 2010,Vol.26 No.1


2. A Survey of Tinnitus: Some Of Its Characteristics In Our Population. Aslam S, Palous P. Esculapio Vol. 05, Issue 01. April-June 2009.


3. The Psychological Impact on the Tinnitus Patient. Aslam S, Palous P. Pakistan Journal of Otolaryngology 2009; 25:53-56.


4. A Novel Way of Constructing a Disposable Nasal speculum from A Wooden Tongue Depressor. Aslam S. Esculapio Vol. 06, Issue 02. July-September, 2010.


Member Court Of Examiners in

1- Undergraduate MBBS ENT Examinations

2- Diploma in Laryngology & Otology

3- M.Sc. Audiology




Member of Learned Societies


Khawarzami Science society, Lahore,Pakistan







Pakistan Society of ENT Surgeons.

Royal Society of Medicine, UK


British Society of Otology, UK

European Academy of Otology & Neuro-otology

Politzer Society, UK.

British Science Association (British association for the Advancement of science.)




The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK

The American College of Surgeons, USA.

The Royal Society of Medicine, UK.



Areas of Special Interest to your Doctor.

Your Doctor was specially trained in the UK in dealing with problems of the nose and the ear using the latest camera system. Therefore, his special areas of interest and expertise are:



Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Its Advanced Applications such as Endoscopic DCR, Endoscopic Optic nerve decompression, Endoscopic Orbital decompression and Endoscopic Hypophysectomy.

Endoscopic Laryngeal (Voice) Microsurgery

Endoscopic Otological (Ear) Surgery

Especially endoscopic myringoplasty & Mastoidectomy.



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