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Dr Shiraz Aslam is an otolaryngologist and a head & neck surgeon practicing in Lahore, Pakistan. An otorhinolaryngologist is a doctor who deals with diseases of the ear (oto), nose (nose) and throat (larynx). In addition to these, diseases of the upper wind and the food pipes are also treated together with any ailments of the head and neck like the salivary glands and the thyroid gland.


Dr Shiraz Aslam has a special interest and advanced training in the UK of treating the diseases of the nose and the paranasal sinuses using a special camera system. We use a team approach to take care of you during your treatment and make sure you are comfortable and in a pleasant and caring environment.


We are the leading sinus centre in Pakistan. All advanced sinus surgery applications are carried out here including removal of a particular brain tumour (pituitary gland) and creating a new channel from the eye to the nose in case of blockage of the tear duct (EndoDCR). All this is carried out in a safe and friendly environment.


Please visit various sections of this website and educate yourself about the kind of professionals we are and what diseases we treat. You will find us passionate and dedicated to our profession and at the same time appreciate our utmost effort to give you all the benefits of a patient oriented management by a coherent team approach.




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