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Meet our staff:-

In addition to our physicians, our clinical staff includes audiologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants.

Naeem Shahzad

is the Chief Patient liaison Manager

Mr. Naeem has been at this responsibility for the last 10 years and is the backbone of this firm.






Zaheeruddin Babar

is a trained Chief, ENT Surgical Suite Attendant.



Other staff at various hospitals



ENT Sister Rasheeda,

has 30 years of experience in running the ENT operating theatres and is a very

senior theatre Sister.





has 27 years of working experience in ENT theatres and is a

Senior theatre attendant.





is a junior theatre attendant.



The qualified ENT junior doctors at various hospitals



Dr. Tariq

Dr. Tariq is the Senior Registrar




Dr. Rauf,

is the senior medical officer.




Dr. Zaheeruddin Baber

is the senior medical officer.





Cleaning and sterilization of our clinic instruments.

In Pakistan Hepatitis C is a major health problem at the moment. According to a study almost 5% of the population has hepatitis C in Pakistan (http://www.wjgnet.com/1007-9327/15/5647.pdf)


Surgical instruments used by dentists and other health professionals and even the staff who pierce ears and noses can be an inadvertent source of infection of not only of hepatitis C, but also of hepatitis B and HIV as well.


We take the utmost care in providing a safe and a clean environment for our patients. We have a system whereby, most of the instruments used are disposable but if the metal instruments are used, they are first cleaned thoroughly with soap and water and then with the internationally recommended chemical, ‘Korsolex’, which kills bacteria, TB bacteria, fungi and viruses including hepatitis C, B and the one causing the HIV infection.




We recommend

It is a good idea to have your own set of hair cutting instruments and by the same token we recommend that if you are a regular ENT patient you should have your own set of ENT examination instruments as well. This would include:


1- Metal tongue depressor (one)

2- Nasal speculum (one)

3- Ear speculum (one)


These are provided in a clear plastic bag. The used instrument will be cleaned and sterilized in korsolex and returned to you after 15 minutes. Please ask for your instruments at the reception desk.




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