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Patient Testamonials:-



Amongst various celebrities seen at the clinic including politicians, academicians and others  were



Imran Khan

President tehrik-e-insaf


Farooq Laghari

Former president of Pakistan.


Mohamad Mian Soomroo

Former Caretaker President of Pakistan


Raja Riaz



Ghulam Ali

Famous Classical Singer


Justice Sipra

Famous Judge


Justice Ramday

Famous judge



Home Economics College for women, Gulberg,Lahore, Pakistan.


Former Ambassador



Hira Parvaiz

Newscaster Express News


Dr. Mubarik Ali

Famous historian of Pakistan.


Annie Khalid

Pop Singer






1.Sana Mehak FaIzI

Dr. Shiraz performed ‘Septorhinoplasty’ on my nose to unblock one side of the nose so that air can come in and out properly. I dreaded having the surgery but I am absolutely thrilled with the results especially the new shape of my nose and how clearly I can breathe now. Dr. Shiraz took the time to explain the entire procedure and answered all of my questions. My breathing through my nose has improved. I would recommend Dr. Shiraz to anyone looking for an ENT. :)



2. Ch Nisar Ahmad (Coventry, UK)

The surgery was very good and it helped me a lot. My nasal passages are absolutely clear now and I can breathe clearly. I wish I had consulted Dr. Shiraz earlier!



3. Fazle Rabbi Khan (Lahore)

Dr. Shiraz was the third ENT surgeon I was consulting regarding a growth on my vocal chords. Unlike the first two, who wanted to put a knife to my throat ASAP (i.e. literally),


Dr. Shiraz wanted to take his time trying to find the reasons I was having this problem. He made me understand that unless we could identify the cause it wont make any sense to do the surgery, since the problem could recur in less than a year. I was deeply impressed by his diagnostic skills when he told me that; anxiety was causing reflux, was causing irritation in the throat, was causing growth. I was even more impressed by his sense of ethics in this whole exercise.


No other doctor would have taken the pain to go into all that detail. I just hope he would soon come and hear me sing with this clear throat that he has gifted me:-)))



4. Majid Sharif (Dubai, U.A.E)

I had an excellent experience with Dr. Shiraz Aslam. From counseling to surgery, preoperative to postoperative treatment, I received nothing but the best from Dr. Shiraz Aslam, a highly skilled professional. The FESS done by him was painless. I felt normal on the next day of my surgery and after couple of days I returned to my normal routine life. My message to Non Resident Pakistanis (NRP): I have approached him from Dubai, and he responded me with thorough guidance of my disease. It would be my recommendation that any NRP, with ENT problems, should seek treatment with him.


And be confident that the quality of medical services would be as good as or better than your residing country. Undoubtedly you deserve more than these words, my best wishes to your future endeavors and professional practice. I am back to my normal life now, thanks again for all you have done for me.



5. Nuzhat zulfiqar ( Bahrain)

I’m one of Dr. Shiraz’ patients since a long time. I was suffering from throat problems and then I heard about Dr. Shiraz. Almost 10 yrs. ago I had my tonsil removed by Dr. Shiraz now alhamdullah I’m living a healthy and happy life. I want to say thanks to Dr. Shiraz who is a very competent surgeon and I will say that Allah has given shiffa in his hands.



6. Masood Bhatti, ( Lahore)

After my nasal endoscopic surgery I’m feeling great and my nasal passages are quite open and I can breathe clearly and sleep comfortably once again.

Thank You, Dr. Shiraz!


7. Capt. (R) Muhammad Amin, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Lahore.

I was suffering from flu and other nose related problems since my childhood. I consulted a number of ENT specialists all over the country but could not get relief from my sinusitis.


I consulted Dr. Shiraz Aslam and explained to him the whole problem. He recommended that I should have my nasal polyps removed using the latest camera technique. It was done in a very professional manner. I started breathing again and was in a totally different world.


Since then I am constantly in touch with this great man and have no problems what so ever. Your well wishes and extraordinary care in a methodical way boosted my morale and facilitated early recovery. I really appreciate your devotion and loyalty towards your profession.


I wish to convey my heartiest appreciation and thanks for your cooperation and pray for your long life and prosperity.



8. Naseem Ghani (Lahore)

I have been suffering from sinus problems and went to different doctors but the pain was still there. At last I visited Dr. Shiraz Aslam and he diagnosed the disease and cured it through a nasal operation. From that day (4 years ago) Alhamdullah I’m fine and never have had that problem again.


No doubt Allah Almighty has given shifa in his hands and I’m very satisfied with his treatment and the results.





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